Monday, July 30, 2018

Status 2018-07-30

Made it to 67,000 words over the weekend. Spent a lot of the past week working on some plot changes that I had planned a couple of months back, but was just now getting around to fixing in the existing text. Basically I had to read the book from chapters three through six and do an intelligent find/replace of names, as well as re-write some of the dialog when the speaking character changed. My goal was to get all those fixes complete, and I was successful in that. Had them all done by Sunday around noon.

I spent the rest of the day playing The Last Guardian, which I finally got around to buying last month and have been casually playing here and there. Trico and I have been through quite the odyssey, and I have no idea how close (or far) we are from the end.

This week, the plan is to work on the additional scenes that I need to add due to those same plot changes that I have referenced before. I don't recall exactly how many there are... maybe around twelve at a guess. Once those are done, the rough draft will be about 90% complete. I will still need to go back and re-write the first couple of chapters just to fix continuity issues, and also I'll have the last chapter to write.

And... I just remembered that the Pathfinder Playtest drops this Thursday. That is going to make my productivity go down, as I plan to download the materials and start reading them right away. I've been following Paizo's blog posts pretty closely, and am very excited to give the new edition of Pathfinder a try with my gaming group.

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