Sunday, May 13, 2018

Progress Report, and One More Thing

As of today, the morning of Sunday May 13, 2018, I've written 6,629 words in the past eight days. Pretty good progress. My normal daily quota is 556 words. That's enough to hit my 150k word target by year-end. My stretch goal is to double that quota on a weekly basis, so instead of writing 3,892 words per week, I would write 7,784. I haven't quite hit the stretch goal this week, but it's only Sunday morning. I may very well do another writing sprint this afternoon or evening, and hit that target.

I don't have a stretch goal of writing 300k words for this novel, but rather would simply like to finish the draft early. If I hit my stretch goal, I would be done with the draft by October, meaning I should be able to publish this book sooner than planned. So it's a win for everyone!

On another topic, some people may be wondering if or when I'm going to start posting samples of the next book. Unfortunately I'm not in a position where I can do that at this time. I'm evaluating whether I might want to publish the book using Amazon's Kindle Select program. There appear to be some nice benefits to it, but it comes with the restriction of not being able to publish my book on any other platform. I'm not a big fan of vendor lock-in like this, but the benefits may end up outweighing the costs.

Anyway I am still evaluating this, so I may end up changing my mind. Until I've made a final decision though, I need to keep my manuscript unpublished, even in draft form.

Having said all that, I have some other story-related content such as maps and other notes, that I can still post here without any risks to the publishing of my book, so you can expect to see those start appearing in the near future. Starting with my new map of Nûmidëa and the West!

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