Sunday, June 21, 2015

Colorado Renaissance Festival - June 20, 2015

We had a good day at the faire yesterday, walking about looking at the many vendor shops, eating faire food, enjoying a few shows and people-watching. This was our first time ever at the Colorado festival, and while we had heard it was a very good one, we did not know what to expect.

The weather forecast was hot, 89 degrees F, sunny and dry. We left early in the morning, in order to get there shortly after the 10 AM opening time. This kept us ahead of traffic as well as the heat. It will still only in the mid-70s when we arrived.

The Geekwif and I both wore costumes. She wore her newest creation from last year, and I wore a hybrid of my old costume with my new chainmail shirt and a few accessories. My own newest creation, a full suit of armor, needs some repair which I plan to do this week.

Did I mention it was hot? Our costumes are a bit heavy, and as such, we drank a lot of liquids yesterday. I imagine that not all of them were exactly beneficial in preventing dehydration, but we enjoyed ourselves and didn't worry too much about it.

One nice thing about the Colorado festival is that it has a lot of trees, and therefore plenty of places to get some shade from the sun. The Minnesota and Texas festivals have some areas to get shade, but not nearly as much as Colorado. We were very thankful for this yesterday, as you can imagine.

I had such a lovely time that I forgot to take many pictures, but below are a few (not nearly all) of our enjoyable moments.

The entrance...

... and me, ready to go in!

The festival is in the hills, and there were some lovely views through the trees.

Little kid riding a llama, because CUTE!!

I think this was our favorite show yesterday, called the Kamikaze Fireflies. The guy on the bottom was actually just an audience volunteer. The one on his shoulders was part of the two-person act, the other person being a girl off-stage at the moment. It was a fun show of juggling, hula hooping, balancing chairs in a Jenga-esque tower, a big steel wheel thingy, and plenty of witty repartee.

Like I said, we had a good time. And we've got some friends coming to visit next weekend, so we will be back again next Saturday. Hopefully I will have my armor repaired and ready to go.

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