Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Everything Finally Starts Coming Together

Finally, I can begin talking about the crazy turns life has taken the past few months. I'm going to keep it short and relatively light on details, as this is a public blog and I'm not really in the habit of airing all my laundry for others to see.

Since early January, I have:
  1. Lost a fantastic job (due to business re-org, not my performance) that I will miss, especially the people!
  2. The Geekwif and I decided to relocate to a city near the Rocky Mountains, which has been a dream of ours for almost twenty years.
  3. Found a recruiter to help with the job search and make sure my resume stood out above the competition.
  4. Gone through multiple interviews and landed a new job.
  5. Got the house on the market and done several showings with positive feedback.
Now we just need to find an apartment and get me moved in, start my new job, and sell the house! Also, I want to learn how to snowboard.

Here's to new adventures!

Blog posting will remain light for the next few weeks as we go through the remaining steps in our relocation. Hopefully after we get settled in, I will be able to start writing again and life may return to some semblance of normalcy... albeit with mountains!

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