Thursday, December 11, 2014

Characters in the Balfrith Story

Note on names: The nations of ancient Aerde are the forerunners of tribes and nations that arose thousands of years later in the current era of known history. Danannsidhe and the Vales were decidedly Gaelic, preceding the Irish and Scottish strains. The Men of Nûmidëa were the predecessors of the Angles and Saxons. Nifflgarde names are obviously of Norse origin. Sildaran names could be of Gaelic or Norse origins, or a combination of the two, due to the intermingling of those peoples. The allied city-states of Cychlos foretold the later Greek nation. The self-styled empire of Vilandria presaged the Latin cultures of Spain and Italy.

Adradomir (ad-RAD-om-ir) - Elvish merchant living in Castor, Sildara.
Aethelred (ETH-el-red) - Ancestor of Balfrith, received the gift-sword Branulf.
Aingeall (“Angel”) - Balfrith's older sister, born between Wilfrid and Balfrith.
Aldfrid - Balfrith's eldest brother.
Balfrith (BAL-frith) – The youngest son of Duke Osric, of House Aethelred, a minor noble house of Nûmidëa.
Branulf (BRAN-oolf) - Legendary sword, part of the history of House Aethelred.
Calunoth (CAL-oo-noth) - Sildaran free-lancer, a few years older than Balfrith, but much more experienced in the world.
Caorall (“Carol”) - Secretary to the provost of the School for Learned Studies, Sildara.
Colman - Provost of the University of the Arts, in Nûmidëa.
Diarmid (dee-AR-mid) - Deacon of the guild of free-lancers, in Sildara.
Ducca (DOOK-ka) - Professor at the University of the Arts, in Nûmidëa.
Duerde Stonefist (DWAIR-da) - Dwarven king of Stonedeep.
Eldamir (EL-da-meer) - Young Elven male, first to encounter Balfrith.
Felaranthir (Fel-a-RAN-theer) - Elven lord of Illithëon, and father of Eldamir.
Goslar (GOS-lar) - Innkeeper in Westmere, Sildara.
Gregorius - Lore-master of Sildara.
Halbrisien (hal-BRIS-ee-en) - Ancient Elvish king, father of Felaranthir.
Hallgeir (HALL-gair) - Warrior of Nifflgarde, free-lancer.
Layla - Innkeeper in Graystone, Nûmidëa.
Odrin Ironshanks - Dwarven captain, warden of Stonedeep.
Osric (OZ-rik) - Balfrith's father, a minor Duke, and lord of Aethelred Manor.
Roih (“Roy”) - Personal servant and bodyguard of Adradomir.
Sørkell - Nûmidëan smith who forged the sword Branulf, as a gift for Aethelred.
Wilfrid - Middle brother, between Aldfrid and Balfrith.

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