Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Armor Assembly - the Countdown Has Begun!

I don't recall if I mentioned this before, but I will be at the Houston Renaissance Festival this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday if the weather is decent. So of course I am now in the final hours of finishing up the armor, to get it ready for packing (I board my flight tomorrow).

The painting is complete at this point, although there are a few points that may need some touch-up. I plan to bring my paints and brushes with me on the trip, so that I can repair anything that gets scraped or scratched in transit, or even while at the Fest.

Most of my evening was spent riveting plastic and leather, along with the application of small amounts of glue where needed. Here are a few photos of the assembly in progress...

The knee protection pieces, riveted together. Kneecap is on the left, upper calf on the right. The joint is a bit tight, but it does move.

Shoulder pauldrons in process. The rivets are so tight that the pieces don't really move, although there is a little bit of flex in the plastic itself.

Shoulder pauldron, assembled. The rivets attach to small leather straps, which are then riveted to the next piece down.

Inside of the shoulder pauldron, showing the leather straps mentioned above.

Breastplate, assembled from three pieces. The clamp on the left is holding those two pieces while the glue dries.

I had to glue these pieces because the Sintra plus Worbla is too thick for the rivets to work well. When it's just two pieces of Sintra, there is no problem. The Worbla is just thick enough to make it too much for the rivets.

 Another shot of the breastplate, with clamps on each side for the glue.

That's all I've got for now. I still have the back-plate to assemble (two pieces), plus attach leather straps and buckles to various pieces so that they will hold in place when worn. I may do one last post tonight, showing those straps, before I pack up the armor for travel.

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