Saturday, October 4, 2014

Armor Fabrication Progress, Part II

I have finally completed the cutting and forming all of the armor pieces! No pics to add today, because there really wasn't anything of interest to show. If you saw my previous armor fabrication post, then you have already seen the bits that are really interesting. What I did in the past few days was:

  • Finished cutting out the remaining hip pieces (all those "bent strips")
  • Shaped/bent the remaining hip pieces
  • Corrected the shapes on the first lower knee guard, by adding reinforcements to the inside faces
  • Shaped and reinforced the second knee guard to match the first
With all of this complete, what's the next step? Glad you asked! What I plan to do next is to fit everything together like I did before, using the blue masking tape, and make sure it all looks right. Then I'll make any needed corrections.

After that, I have a sheet of Worbla with my name on it, waiting to be cut into pieces. The basic plan for the Worbla is to cut it into narrow strips, and use it to outline all the edges of the armor pieces. That will make them stand out a bit more, and act as a decorative edging. They will be painted a different color as well, to make them stand out even more. If I have any extra Worbla, I will probably cut out some other interesting pieces and add them as more decoration. The interesting thing about Worbla is that it is even easier to soften with heat, then form into whatever shapes I want. It comes in sheets, but it can be molded into three-dimensional shapes, like working with clay (at least that's what I've been told -- time will tell).

After all the Worbla pieces are added, it will be time for final sanding, in preparation for painting. When I start playing with the Worbla, I'll definitely take more photos and post them in another update here. Stay tuned!

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