Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Renaissance Festival Costume Armor

As promised, I took a bunch of photos of my armor work in process.

Chainmail hauberk. Made in India, bought on Ebay. Real high-carbon steel, coated in oil to keep it from rusting. This will form the base for the whole suit of armor.

Sintra, aka closed-cell foam PVC, aka the same plastic used in making all kinds of signs. This is the main material I am using for the armor. It can be softened and formed at about 225 degrees Fahrenheit, making it very easy to work with.

Vambraces (forearm protectors), formed directly on my arms while wearing a thick sweater to protect me from the heat.

Knee protection, still in process.

Greaves (shin protectors). I formed these over a 2-liter soda bottle rather than using my legs.

These flaps will become overlapping hip protectors.

Thigh protectors, I don't recall the correct term.

Pauldron (shoulder protector).

Chest and back protection, connected using blue masking tape. I'll call it a breastplate from here on out.

Breastplate with pauldron attached, just using tape.

Thigh and hip protectors, taped in place on my leg. Eventually I will have leather straps to hold things in place.

Me wearing the breastplate and pauldron. I will be making another pauldron, just need to replicate the form of the existing one.

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