Sunday, June 8, 2014

Story progress 2014-06-09

In the past few weeks, I've made even more progress on the story. As of today, I have nine to-do items crossed off the list, with another eight to go. So the obvious up-side is that I'm over half done with the list! The unfortunate down-side is that the remaining eight are the more difficult items, which was why I put them off until now. I have one chapter alone that has five major to-do items, having to do with re-writing (or just plain writing) five different scenes. Of the remaining three to-do items, two are pretty easy and one is yet another incomplete scene that needs to be written.

You can probably guess which items I will be focused on next (hint: I like to get the easy stuff done first!). And after those last two "easy" items are done, then it will just be a matter of pounding through the remaining six scenes that need to be written, re-written or just completed.

More good news! I'm taking this week off from work - well, through Thursday anyway. On Friday, I fly to Shanghai on business and will be there through the next week, returning home on Friday. But for this week anyway, part of my plan is to focus on the story for an hour or two each day, to try and get through as many tasks as I can before I have to go back to work. If things go well, I may have another post later this week telling what I got done.

Fingers crossed!

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