Monday, May 26, 2014

Story Progress

First of all, happy Memorial Day! In the USA, today is the day where we remember the fallen soldiers of past and present wars, and honor their sacrifice. My family has had several men serve our country in times of war, but we are fortunate that none were called to give their lives in that service. They made their own sacrifices of course - no military service is without it - but in the end they returned home to their families, and we are grateful for that fact.

Now, let's talk about the story. I'm still making progress through my to-do list. Today I split a scene in half, and did some needed cleanup on it so that it makes more sense. I was thinking of posting a sample, but I realized that somewhere in the middle of chapter twelve, and almost exactly two years ago, I had stopped posting samples on a regular basis. The story as it stands now is twenty-two chapters, so you've had a chance to read roughly half of it. And the chapter I was working on today is in that latter half, so posting the scenes wouldn't make much sense.

I still have half a dozen scenes to edit, re-write or just plain write. And then I will need to do a read-through of the entire story and probably some additional editing. At that point, I hope, I will be able to make it available to "beta testers", a small group of readers who will help me with the final polishing. I'll be looking for volunteers at that point, so please let me know if you'd be interested in reading an advance copy of the story, still in semi-rough draft. I like to think of it like beta-testing software: it is fully functional, but there may be a few bugs that I haven't found and fixed yet. And that's where you can help me out, in exchange for the opportunity to enjoy the new version of the software before anyone else does.

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