Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry For The Silence

I just realized that my last post was almost three weeks ago... ugh. In my defense, I spent a week in Brazil (big project), which took the previous weekend for travel and the following weekend for jet lag recovery. And then it was Easter weekend, and while I had time to write, I was working on other things instead.

The good news is, I have in fact been working on the story. Nothing to share at this time, as it's been cleanup of various scenes, closing minor plot holes, and similar. I do still have a couple of missing scenes to write, and may even do one this weekend. If I do, I'll be sure to share it along with some context.

Next weekend I'll be traveling again, to Argentina first and then Brazil, before returning home. And after a weekend of recovery, I'll be on a flight to Europe for a week, for more meetings. Alas, my weekends (and general writing time) will be pretty messed up for the next few weeks.

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