Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time to Recharge the Batteries

The Geekwif and I are going with friends to a local Renaissance Festival. Actually, we're going twice - both today and tomorrow. Today, we will be dressed in casual modern clothes, exploring the Fest, eating too much and having a whole lot of fun. Tomorrow, we will go in full costume, in character, to partake of the morning festivities, and in the afternoon we will enjoy the King's Feast, a grand dinner for those guests who want to get just a bit more crazy fun out of the Renaissance Festival experience.

I've never actually gone to the King's Feast, though I have been to Renn Fests many times over the years. Our friends have been to the Feast a few times, and they convinced us to give it a try. We're both really looking forward to the whole thing, today and tomorrow.

The only down-side to flying across the country for a Renn Fest is that I cannot easily transport my sword with the rest of my costume. I wore it to our local Fest in August, but left it hanging on the wall of my den for this trip. The cost of shipping the sword here and back is simply prohibitive. I am seriously thinking about getting a dagger, which can be packed in my luggage, just for these cross-country trips where I want a sidearm to go with my costume.

The fun and fantasy of the Renn Fest, the pageantry, the characters and costumes, the whole atmosphere of the thing, restores my creative energies, thus the title of this post. I love coming here, and the chance to go twice in a weekend is just that much better. I always come away refreshed, inspired, and ready to get back to writing my stories.

Hope y'all have as great of a weekend as I plan to.

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