Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scene Written But No Sample

I wrote the scene that I had intended to do, but it ended up being just a quick summary to tie up some loose ends, and came to only about two hundred words. Also, I'm not completely satisfied with it so I want to let my mind rest and think on it for a while, before I decide whether it really is a complete scene or needs something changed or added.

I also did some minor editing elsewhere in the story, and left myself a few notes to come back to. So, progress has been made, although it must remain invisible to all but myself for the time being.

One thing I want to mention, is that I plan to write the beginning of a Norse-style epic poem, something that would have been recited in the mead-halls of Viking jarls, a heroic tale that has a true story at its core but was exaggerated somewhat in a classic case of poetic license. That may take up quite a bit of my creative time, as I study the old Norse poetic style, and try to replicate it. But I think it will make a very interesting addition to the story.

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