Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Story

I needed a break from the Balfrith story, so I decided to play around with a new story idea. Been spending the last couple of weeks on it. To be honest, I sort of fell into the thing, not really planning to put that much time into it, but I've been having fun, so I figured, why not just go wherever it takes me?

Of course, I still need to get back to Balfrith - that story isn't going to revise itself. And having ten unfinished and/or rough-draft novels sitting around on my hard drive isn't going to help me sell even one. So, I'll be getting my priorities straightened out in short order, and getting back to Balfrith immediately thereafter. The other story can wait a bit, and I might even continue playing around with it from time to time, but the main focus will be Balfrith - I promise.

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