Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nearing the End

I'm very close to completing the rough draft of the novel. As I've mentioned several times, it's going to take a couple of re-writes, maybe more than two, to polish it to the point where I would call it good enough to publish. I have many notes in Scrivener, and many thoughts in my head, as to how the story might be improved. The latter, those ideas in my head, will also be added to Scrivener so that I don't forget them.

Here's a brief and very vague list of ideas that I have noted as potential improvements to the story:

  • Add depth to the father's character, and show how the broken relationship affects him and the family
  • There is more to the character Adradomir than meets the eye. What is it?
  • What if Balfrith also left a girl behind when he ran away, in addition to his family?
    • How deep of a sub-plot would this become, and would it take away from the main story?
  • There are too many parallels between the Draugeborg incident and the that in the deep foundries. Should I change one or the other, or maybe make the parallels even more obvious so that they become an interesting sub-plot by themselves? If so, what should that sub-plot be, and do I need to resolve it in the context of this story?
There are many others of course, but most of those are of a more trivial nature, such as "Add an extra scene in here giving more detail", or "This is really dumb, must re-write!"

Anyway... I wrote another thousand words today. Probably will try to do the same tomorrow. If I can keep up this steady pace, the draft will be done in no time.

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