Monday, April 1, 2013

Word Count: 1-April-2013

Disclaimer: This is NOT an April Fool's Day joke.

I wrote another 1500 words today, completing the climax of the story and just about completing the chapter. I need to add one short scene to close the chapter, and move on to the next. At this point I figure I've got no more than 24,000 words left to write. There are several loose ends that need to be tied off, including the completion of a major character arc.

And after that, I go back and do a re-write, fixing all those areas where I had left myself notes, finding new areas of weakness that need to be repaired or re-written, and basically doing a whole lot more work on the story to polish it up. There will be many details to add, bits of characterization to improve, dialog to re-do, and assorted other writing, editing and proofreading tasks.

But hey, the climax is done and I'm almost through with the rough draft! That's a big step in itself, and I'm excited to have gotten this far. That's good enough for me, this evening.

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