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Dramatis Personae - as of Chapter Ten

Note on names: Each nation in Aerda is based on some historical nation from the ancient world. Danannsidhe and the Vales are decidedly Gaelic, and the names reflect that. Nûmidëan names are of Anglo-Saxon origin. Nifflgarde names are obviously of Norse origin. Sildaran names can be of Gaelic or Norse origins, or a combination of the two. Cychloan names are generally Greek in origin. Vilandrian names tend toward Latin or Spanish.

I've included pronunciation guides for each of the names below, to help.

Balfrith – Hero, protagonist, youngest son of a minor noble of Nûmidëa.
Aldfrid - Balfrith's eldest brother.
Wilfrid - Middle brother, between Aldfrid and Balfrith.
Osric - Balfrith's father.
Aingeall ("Angel") - Balfrith's older sister, and the only one in the family with whom he relates well.
Aethelred (ETH-el-red) - ancestor of Balfrith.
Sørkell (SOR-kel) - Nûmidëan smith who forged the sword Branulf, as a gift for Aethelred.
Felaranthir of Illithëon (Fel-a-RAN-theer) - Elven lord, and mentor to Balfrith.
Eldamir (EL-da-meer) - Young Elven male, friend of Balfrith. Not as serious-minded as most of his people, which sets him apart in Elvish society.
Calunoth (CAL-u-noth) - Sildaran mercenary and ally of Balfrith. Only a little bit older than Balfrith, but a lot more experienced in the world.


Colman ("Coleman") - provost of the University of the Arts, in Nûmidëa.
Ducca (DOO-ka) - professor at the University of the Arts, in Nûmidëa.
Diarmid (dee-AR-mid) - free-lance guild deacon.
Roidh ("Roy") - personal servant and bodyguard of Adradomir.
Adradomir (ad-RAD-om-ir) - Elefdar merchant living in Castor, Sildara.

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