Sunday, May 13, 2012

Continuing Evolution of Elefdar Poetry

If you recall my previous post of the very rough draft, I've made a few changes to the first stanza as well as writing/translating the second stanza of the song. Here it is in interlinear format again, although I have removed the middle line with the literal translation, since I didn't think it really added much useful information:

My lady is fairer than any queen
Imi therdan cele sur den admer
But far from her beauty my feet must roam
Del marcon nei selen im’ boder nus dan
She shelters me now in her train of green
Ne missen cep ima nei abell seder
And beckons her traveler homeward.
Hai fella nei banya melarro.

The blooms at her feet are of brilliant hue
Da gonyar nei boder shipella felorn
Adorning the hem of her verdant robe
Samorro da mia nei naguri anomi
They glimmer like stars in the morning dew
Fer celeb lo anyar sum gale menori
Alluring her traveler homeward.
Bedorre nei banya melarro.

There is one more stanza left to translate, and I'm still polishing up the first two stanzas, so it will be a while before it is done. I may ignore the song for a while in order to focus back on the story. I realized that the song was distracting me from writing, and even though the song is important, I don't want it to stop the writing process.
In related news, and as you may have guessed, I am officially back to working on the novel. My need to create is overriding my desire to work on and finish other projects, so I've decided to jump back into the story. I still have the goal of completing this novel before the end of the year, so I need to keep it moving forward.
On a personal note,the basement project is still in process, meaning I still don't have my dedicated office/den for writing, but that's no reason not to write. Things left to do:
  1. Finish tape/mud/sanding (contracted out, should be done this week)
  2. Paint all the rooms (the lovely and talented Geekwif will probably do the lion's share of this while I am at work, but I will definitely help on the weekends)
  3. Install doors and trim (planning to contract this out)
  4. Install ceiling (we will do this after the paint is done)
  5. Install carpet and tile floors (not sure if we will do this ourselves)
In addition, I have some big work projects just starting to get off the ground, with some travel requirements, so it's going to be another busy year. That's a good thing, but it does make the writing a little more difficult.

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