Thursday, March 22, 2012

A *Very* Rough Draft of Elefdar Poetry

The lovely and talented Geekwif was kind enough to write a bit of a song for me, in English, intended to be an Elefdar song. She gave me a basic melody to go with the words, so I know what the sound and tempo are supposed to be. I can't reproduce that here, so it will lose a little in translation. But here's the English and Elefdar words in an interlinear layout:

My lady is fairer than any queen
[my lady (is) fair more than (any) queen]
Imi therdan cele sur den admer
But far from her beauty my feet must roam
[but far from her beauty my feet must roam]
Del mar con nei selen imi bod nu dan
She shelters me now in her train of green
[she shelters now me in (the) green her train]
Ne missen cep ima abell ne seder
And beckons her traveler homeward
[and (she) beckons her traveler to-home]
Hai fella nei banya melarro


  1. I have to admit, I never would have thought that a song I wrote would be translated into an Elvish language. It's been a fun collaboration.

    1. I've desired, off and on, to flesh out this language and really make it useful for more than just making up names. It's a huge bonus to me that you're able and willing to help. :-)