Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elefdar Nominal Declension

Declension of Nouns and Adjectives

Nouns and adjectives decline with case and number. The adjective always matches the noun that it is modifying. There are two case endings used with the four major cases: nominative/genitive, and accusative/dative. There are two numbers, as with verbs.

The following table declines the nouns adom, adan, and efda (man, woman, and child), in order to show all three words in their cases and numbers. The plural ending for words ending with a vowel is -r, and for words ending with a consonant the ending is -er. The exception to this rule is words ending with the letter r – in this case, the plural ending is a long trilled double-r.

Singular Plural
adom, adan, efda
adomer, adaner, efdar
-er [-r]
adoma, adana, efdo
-a [-o]
adomern, adanern, efdarn
-ern [-rn]

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