Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Language Sample

Still working on the Elefdar language, and still having fun. I've written a script that generates all possible phonemes, based on the list of available letters and a set of restrictions about certain letter combinations that are not allowed.

Now, I'm working on a script that reads from a text file of 2,000 common English words, and generates Elefdar words based on one or two (combined) phonemes. This script is not fully functional yet, as I need to add in the rules to prevent restricted phoneme combinations. For the moment, it is still only generating words based on a single phoneme - effectively, it randomly chooses a phoneme from the Elefdar list, and that is the word.

And so, we have a list that looks something like the below. Each time I run the script I get a different list of course, and at this point I am basically just playing with it to ensure that I can get words that are aesthetically pleasing to me. If I don't like them, I throw them out - which is one of the advantages of creating a constructed language, of course. Once I'm happy with 80% of the words being generated, I will call it "gold" and start building the official lexicon.

So without further ado, here's a simple sample of single-syllable (heh... alliteration) Elefdar words as randomly chosen for the list of English words.

"life, live","plud"
"under, below","stam"

Pronunciation notes:
  • DH is a voiced sound like "th" in "that".
  • TH is always aspirated and unvoiced, like "th" in "bath".
  • C is always a hard "k" sound.
  • A is always a long vowel like the "a" in "father".
  • E is short as in "bet".
  • I sounds about half-way between the "i" in "fit" and the "ee" in "feet".
  • O sounds about half-way between the pronunciation of "dote" and "dot".
  • U is always long, like the pronunciation of "boot".
  • AI is a diphthong that sounds like the English word "eye".
  • EI is a diphthong that sounds like "ei" in "weigh".
  • AU is a diphthong that sounds like "ou" in "out".


  1. Sweet. Maybe someday Google will be able to translate pages into Elefdar.

  2. Now THAT would be cool. :-) I suppose I could open-source the language once it's reached some sort of version 1.0...