Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sometimes, You Just Have to Start Over

Thankfully, I'm not talking about my novel. What I *am* talking about is my Elvish / Elefdar language. I simply found that I wasn't happy with the lexicon I'd developed, so I decided to re-write my word generating program and create a completely new lexicon. The program itself it coming along nicely, and in fact it's been a relaxing geeky project that helped me keep my creative juices flowing without requiring me to work on the story itself. I needed a break, and this was it.

Not only that, but I spent some quality time working on finishing my basement this weekend, which was also a nice break from my job and everything else I've got going on. The theater is just about ready for me to install the TV and all the electronics, and I expect to be ready by next weekend. Sweet!

Once I have a working lexicon again, one that I'm reasonably happy with, I'll post a sample of it.

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