Monday, April 15, 2019

Late Post, Nothing New Really

I had a business trip last week that included breakfasts and dinners with customers, so it basically shot my week for any kind of work on the book. Got back on track over the weekend, but I still have about a hundred pages to go on my read-through. Probably will be done by next week.

Life goes on....

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Read-through and Edit is Moving Along Nicely

As of last night, I had read and marked edits for the first nine chapters of the book. I'm not sure what percentage of the book this represents... maybe 40% of the rough draft at a guess. Many of my edits are minor, and I have already updated the manuscript. Some of the edits are more complex comments: "re-write this scene from a different character's POV", or "insert a new scene here", or "we need an entire new chapter inserted here". Those comments will wait until the read-through is done, then I will circle back and start working on them.

Bottom line, progress is being made!