Sunday, September 9, 2018

Slow Going - Status 2018-09-09

It's taken me a few days to get back into writing since Labor Day. I finally finished one scene that I had left hanging, and wrote another, just this morning. I had been hung up on those scenes, like a mild case of writer's block, so it was good to get them finished. Word count stands at 76,832, so I really do need to get off my tush and get back to work.

Having said that, I have also concluded that this book will not be as long as my original target of 150,000 words. That number was chosen arbitrarily, as The Hand of Tyr is about 170,000 words and I assumed this one would be close to the same length, but for no real reason. Now that I am coming close to finishing the rough draft, I am fairly certain that it will come in under 100,000. After the editing and inevitable re-writing, I am sure it will surpass 100k, but probably not by much.

I'm not disappointed, though, because I had set my own expectations early on that this book would be more action and adventure oriented, whereas The Hand of Tyr was an origin story combined with an epic quest, so it was almost two stories in one. But Book Two is able to build on that foundation and those characters, so I was able to get more quickly into the meat of the adventure. Which leaves us with a shorter story, but one that I believe will be better and more entertaining than the first.

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