Tuesday, September 5, 2017

1,362 Words

Yes, I've begun writing the story. Working on a prologue with this one, which gives a hint at the conflict to come in the main chapters.

I've mentioned before that I use Scrivener for my writing, which is a great tool to make it easy to organize my book into chapters and scenes. When I write my outline/synopsis, I generally break it down the same way, with chapters and scenes, so that it flows naturally into writing in Scrivener.

For example, the plan (per my outline) for the prologue is to have four scenes. It may be extended to five scenes, depending on how the last scene works out in the writing. This first 1,362 words is for the very first scene of the prologue, and it is almost done. Probably less than 500 words left to complete it.

So... progress!

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