Wednesday, June 14, 2017

And We're Live!

When Balfrith flees home with his father’s cursed sword, he heads north to find the magical domain of the Elves. But what starts out as a childish flight from home, leads to a quest that will take Balfrith to places and peoples he could only dream of. In his quest to find answers to questions even the Elves do not know, he will awaken an ancient and forgotten evil—and the cursed blade alone holds the power to fight it.

But will Balfrith have the courage to take up the sword, and risk his very soul to wield it?

The Hand of Tyr is available in paperback ($12) today on Amazon world-wide. The e-book ($2.99) will follow in the next 1-2 days.

UPDATE: The e-book went live later this morning!

Happy reading! And if you enjoyed this book, please consider writing a review on Amazon at, your blog or social media, or any place that book-lovers gather to discuss their latest reads.

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