Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kind of a messed up day, er, weekend

Not that it was bad or anything. But my employer had a scheduled power outage at one of our nearby offices, so I had to drive in to work last night to shut the systems down before the power went out, and then drive in again this morning to power things up. Most of the systems -- servers, etc. -- can be powered down remotely, but we have just a couple that need "manual assistance", thus the requirement for me to be on-site.

So it kinda messed with my head last night, and then after a short night's sleep I had to get up early and do it all over again. By noon today I was back home, but any chance at having a normal Sunday was pretty well shot. I enjoyed a casual afternoon and evening with the Geekwif, but didn't really do much -- and I skipped out on the writing. Too brain-dead from working and being tired.

And tomorrow, I get up way too early yet again in order to catch a flight out east for a week of meetings. Fun.

Next weekend we will be going to the Denver Renaissance Festival. Not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday, but we will definitely be there. In costume. And that will be fun.

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