Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back to Writing

Today I have officially returned to work on the Balfrith story. Hard to believe, it's been so long since I have written anything that I actually can't remember the last time I did so. Maybe February? Whatever the case, it's good to be back in the story. I have a to-do list of about nine items for the story, some of them relatively minor and some pretty big, so it's hard to say when I'll get them all done. At this point I'm just glad to be starting back on the list.

I've had a few early readers give me some great feedback on the story, with a bunch of suggestions for improvement, questions about some details, and other miscellaneous comments. Most of the suggested improvements were no surprise to me, as they were weaknesses I had already noticed myself. At the time I was unsure how to fix them, but between the suggestions and comments, and some brainstorming on my part, I developed this to-do list which should resolve the issues and questions that were raised.

At one point a few months ago, I had also been brainstorming the next Balfrith story. Those ideas are still waiting for me to come around to them, too, but for now I want to focus on finishing up my to-do list. My goal has always been to get it ready for publishing (in some format, still undecided), before jumping too deeply into the next story.

The story has changed quite a bit from my early samples. And of course the samples here on the blog only go through about half of the novel. So even if you went back and read all of them, somehow managing to do it in order based on the chapter and scene numbers that I gave, I think you would be surprised (hopefully in a good way!) at the differences between those rough drafts and what will be the final product.

Well, that's about all I've got to say today. Need to get back to writing Balfrith!

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