Saturday, March 28, 2015

Getting Settled In

Thought I'd drop by and give a quick update on life. The Geekwif and I drove out to Denver earlier this week, spent a couple of days looking at apartments, and finally chose one. We moved in to the new place two days ago, quickly followed by renting some basic furniture and purchasing household supplies and groceries so that we could actually, you know, live here.

Rental furniture is very expensive -- I had no idea. If we didn't already have a ton of furniture back home just waiting to be moved here, I would have just bought new stuff instead of renting. So, we rented the bare minimum of items that I/we will need for the next few weeks.

Also, we placed the order for cable TV and Internet, to be delivered a few days hence. Until then, we're using my iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Seems to work pretty well, although I'm keeping a close eye on our data usage. I may need to bump up my data allowance this month, if things continue as they are. But if the Internet access is delivered on time, we'll have that Wi-Fi to use instead of my mobile phone, and then my data usage should drop off considerably.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, I have been amazed at how many stores and restaurants in the area provide free Wi-Fi for their customers. I went to a local Dairy Queen to get a couple of treats, and was prompted to connect to their guest Wi-Fi! Same thing happened at Target. And a couple of other places. I feel like a man who's spent the last seven years wandering the desert in search of water, only to stumble upon an expansive oasis that I had no idea existed. Welcome (back) to modern suburban living, I guess.

Moving on...

I start my job next week -- really looking forward to that.

Geekwif will also return home next week to finish packing, then a couple weeks after that I will fly back just in time to work together with her and the professional movers to get everything moved.

Once we have all of our own furniture in place, we'll return the rented items. It will be really nice to have all my stuff here, although I suspect we will struggle to find a place for everything. But that's not a bad problem to have, all things considered.

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