Saturday, September 6, 2014

What to Do When the Story is Done

So, what to do now that I have beta readers reading, and my part of the work is just waiting until I get some feedback? Normally I would say, "Start the next story!" However, I have some extenuating circumstances in the form of autumn Renaissance fairs.

The geekwif and I decided to make new costumes this year, so I am now turning my focus towards that. I recently purchased a chainmail hauberk on Ebay, and will be supplementing that with some additional solid pieces -- greaves, vambraces, breast and back plates, etc. Those won't be made of metal, but rather from a thermo-plastic PVC which softens at about 250 degrees (F) and becomes easy to form into simple shapes. I already have several pieces formed, and will be working through the rest over the next few weeks. Then it's a matter of painting them, and adding the leather straps and metal clips which will be needed to hold them in place on my body. I'll be sure to post some photos as I make more progress.

I'm not doing anything revolutionary -- cosplayers have been using these same materials and doing the same things for years. But instead of going to a comic con to show off my skills, I'll be wearing my work at a couple of large Ren Fests.

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