Sunday, September 21, 2014


It's been a nice, relaxing weekend here at the Geek house. We cleaned up the place on Saturday, in preparation for a Settlers of Catan dinner party in the evening. Everyone brought food, and the Geekwif made a couple of different pastas and a couple of different (amazing!) sauces. Food was eaten, beverages drunk, and much laughter shared. Oh, and we played a six-person game of Settlers. I have been the reigning king of Catan for the past few parties. But last night, my rule was overthrown, and I handed the crown over to a new queen - and gladly so.

Before we really got to work cleaning yesterday morning, I also wrote down a few ideas for my next story - the further adventures of Balfrith. Even while I'm working on my Ren Fest armor, the ideas are floating around in my head, so it seemed like a good idea to write a few down so I don't forget.

Today, I pulled out Final Fantasy III on the old Wii, and spent most of the day playing the classic RPG. Yeah, it was a good day.

Monday and Tuesday I'm taking days off from the IT world, to continue the work on my costume. Wednesday, it's back to the office. Ah well, all good things...

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