Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the Turning of the Seasons and Autumn Festivities

It's been a busy week, and unfortunately I wasn't able to make any real progress on the armor. Did a little work on the complex knee pieces, but that was all. I did write down a couple of story ideas for the next Balfrith novel, which was fun.

This may be one of the last really nice weekends we get here this year. The weather is threatening to turn cool, which isn't entirely bad, but Summer is definitely going away. The Fall colors are already in evidence, and are making the countryside quite lovely.

Today, the Geekwif and I, and a couple of friends, are headed to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I'll be wearing the same costume I've had for over a decade, augmented by my new shirt of chainmail which goes quite nicely with the rest (I tested it out yesterday). The down-side of the aforementioned nice weather is that I will probably be very hot and sweaty within an hour of arriving at the Fest. The trick to overcoming that, of course, is plenty of hydration. Water may, in fact, be the best beverage to stay healthy, but at the Ren Fest I find myself rather partial to beer, ale, and mead. However since I am also today's driver to and from the festivities, I will have to compromise a bit on that last point.

I'm sure we'll take a few photos in our costumes, and I may even post some of them right here, just for fun.

ETA: Here is a nice photo of the Geekwif and I, in our costumes at the festival yesterday. The chainmail warmed up rather quickly in the sun, so my prediction bore out as expected.

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