Saturday, July 12, 2014

Story Update 2014-07-12

Reading and editing continues, moving along nicely at three chapters in the past week. The Geekwif is still enjoying the read, which I think bodes well for the future. She isn't a huge fantasy fan, although she did enjoy The Lord of the Rings. So if I can keep her interest in the story, I guess I'm doing something right.

In other news, I've been playing with older games acquired through Steam. One was native to OSX, another native to Windows only. I tried getting that one to run on my Windows 7 virtual machine (running Parallels on OSX, if you recall), to no avail. Apparently this particular game had problems running on a physical machines with Windows 7 anyway, so I guess it's not much surprise that I had issues with my VM. Anyway, I had an older laptop sitting around with Linux on it, but I wasn't using it much these days, so today I am formatting the hard drive and installing my old licensed copy of Windows XP Home (with Service Pack 2!).

After I get Windows installed, I will download SP3 if I can find it, and any other patches that might still be available. I'm not sure if Microsoft has completely cut off Windows XP users, or if they are simply not releasing any new patches. I should find out shortly.

After patching is done, I'll download Steam, and finally that game. If all goes well, I should be playing by tomorrow!

Will post more comments as things develop later...

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