Saturday, June 14, 2014

How About That? (Update 2014-06-15)

It's Sunday morning in Shanghai, where I am, in case you are reading this on a Saturday evening in the US and wondering about the date in the title.

I spent close to twenty hours traveling "yesterday", from Friday morning departure through check-in at the hotel here in Shanghai last night -- which was Saturday morning at my home, so from my perspective it was about nineteen hours total. If you add in the time that it took to drive from my home to the airport, and the time that I waited there until boarding, it was more like twenty-three hours.


On the first leg of my flight, from the US to Narita airport near Tokyo, Japan, I pulled out the laptop and did a little writing. And what do you know, but I actually re-worked the scenes that I mentioned yesterday, that I had written earlier in the week and realized needed to be re-done. I ended up just tweaking one scene a little bit, and then re-writing the other scene from scratch. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results.

So now, here I sit on Sunday morning in Shanghai, having had a great night's sleep and mostly recovered from jet lag. I've got the whole day to myself, so I plan to head out and do some shopping, and possibly some sight-seeing. If nothing else, I love wandering big cities like Shanghai, because I never know what things I might see while I'm out and about.

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