Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tech Support Needed

Any telephony geeks out there? I ran a new phone wire in my house yesterday, and spliced it into an existing unused wire using a splitter. For analog phones, this should work fine (as far as I know). But now, I suddenly have no dial tone on any of my ports/wires, and yet my DSL which uses the exact same circuit is working fine!

I did find that my new wire was done wrong - still troubleshooting that. But the main issue is that the existing two wires and ports, which I did not touch (I didn't splice into either of them), are giving me no dial tone for the phone but the DSL modem works on both.

So in short, my DSL modem works in the two original phone ports in my house where my phone also worked. But after I spliced in the new wire, suddenly I can't get a dial tone at any of my ports, while the DSL modem still works in the two original ports but not the new one in my office.

Could it be that my DSL filter just suddenly died? I only have one, and was thinking of going to Menard's to buy a new one and test it out.


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