Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back Home in the US

Spent the past week in China on business, but came back home Friday night and spent most of Saturday resting. I am planning to do some writing today, and may even post a sample later on - depends on how far I get with the scene I'm working on.

I'll be home for the next week, then I have another week of business travel (all domestic this time), a couple days of vacation, and finally at the end of November I will be done with traveling until 2014.

Don't take me wrong, I actually rather enjoy traveling around the world, and am glad that my job gives me that opportunity. Sometimes, though, I wish I could space out my trips more evenly so that I only have to be away from home once per month, instead of twice or even three times a month. Hopefully in 2014 I will have a bit more control of my schedule, since I will be mostly settled into my new job and have a good handle on all the projects going on around the world.

I've mentioned before that I did P90X earlier this year, and was planning to do it again later on. Well, that "later on" came and went, and with all of my travel I never got around to it. And now, I've realized that I really want to try and "bulk up", more so than P90X is likely to do for me, given my previous experience. It's not that I won't put on any muscle with P90X; I've already proven that it will. But the bulk muscle that I'd like to see will take a slight change in my program. So, I'm giving Body Beast (also by BeachBody) a hard look, and so far it seems like it should fit the bill. I figure I should be able to start it up in December, after I'm done with my last round of travel, and have a good 90 days of being home to keep at it. Even if I do need to travel again before the 90 days are up, I can just take a "rest week" and come back to it when I return.

I generally don't ask for comments, but I would be interested to hear if anyone out there has done Body Beast, and how well it worked for you.

I guess that's about it for now. Keep your eyes open for my next post, it should be a sample!

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