Saturday, October 12, 2013

Off to the Southern Hemisphere Today

Per my last post, I was recovering from jet lag and said I felt a big hung over, which is normal for me. Alas, that hangover turned into a cold that I've spent almost the entire week getting over. My symptoms are mostly gone as of yesterday, just some hacking in the morning that clears up after being awake for a couple of hours.

I'm really glad that I only get sick once every year or two, because this thing really knocked me down for the count for a few days. It's a mixed blessing that I can work from home for my job. Rather than calling in sick, I just kept on working at home, doing conference calls and sending emails. Aside from the fact that people could hear it in my voice, hardly anyone knew that I was sick. The down-side is that I probably didn't get quite as much rest as I should have, but I did get enough to get through the worst of it, and today I feel pretty good.

The flights today amount to about 13 hours in the air, plus an hour layover, so my afternoon departure will result in an early Sunday morning arrival. I don't usually sleep very well on airplanes, not even on long flights, so it's likely to be a long night. But I can check into my hotel when I arrive, crash for a few hours, and then should be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and evening in Sao Paulo before going back to bed for the night. Temperatures there are supposed to be in the low 90s! Hopefully I can find a nice cool bar to hang out and have a couple of drinks in.

In writing news... not much happening. I thought I might do a bit this past week, but when the sickness hit, all I could do was get through my work day and then crash for the night. I was really hoping to be able to finish the first round of revisions by the end of the year, but with all this travel (and more to come, right through November), I probably won't be doing a lot of writing until December. That said, December should prove a good month for writing, with all the time off for holidays. I might just be able to catch up... time will tell.

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