Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taking a Holiday

I'm heading out in a few hours for a week of vacation. I will be taking my laptop, so that I can do some writing if the whimsy takes me. Given that writing has been a beloved hobby of mine for many years now, and a favorite way for me to wind down from my job, I suspect that I will put some words to the page in pure enjoyment and relaxation, even while I'm away from home.

Actually, that has me thinking - what is it like for full-time writers? How do they relax, given that writing is their day job and not just a hobby or way to relax? I suppose, if writing is for full-time writers like computer geekery is for me, and if we naturally gravitate to something we love - then the saying is likely true: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Of course that's not to say that I don't have days, sometimes even weeks, where I despise my job and dream of a career change. And I'm certain the same holds true for full-time writers, from time to time. But overall, I think if you can get up on most mornings and look forward to your day at work, then you're probably in the right place. Luckily for me, I am in that place.

But that takes me back to vacations. As I have mentioned previously, we recently went live on a Big Project. And since then, I have been promoted to a new, larger role in the organization which means new responsibilities, new team members, new projects, and new things to learn. Very exiting, and a little bit overwhelming at times. And since I dove right into the new job after going live on the project, I really haven't had any time to stop and relax. So this vacation for me is much needed, and hopefully I'll come back to the office with more energy to devote to all those new activities and projects and people and responsibilities.

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