Sunday, June 23, 2013

T Minus One Week and Counting

So yeah, we're down to one week from go-live on the Big Project. The whole team is working full days this weekend and next, but it will be so worth it to be done and be successful. And at this point, I have no reason to not think it will be successful Will there be bumps after we go live? Absolutely - there always are. But we've done a ton of good work in preparation, and it is already paying dividends in the last few days before the cutover.

In other news, I finished P90X yesterday - I graduated! Now, I go into basic maintenance for a couple of months as I finish up the Big Project and settle into my new job. My hope is that by the October time frame, I will be able to start a new round of P90X. And that I won't have lost any of the muscle conditioning that I have as of right now. I'm actually going to be researching what workouts would do the job, but until I find something, I will just go back to Tae-bo for now. It may be that Tae-bo itself will work fine - time (and research) will tell.

Finally, I just want to say I am SO looking forward to getting back to the story. I could try to do some writing today, but to be honest (with myself, if no one else) I already have a full day of project work ahead of me, and I really don't think that any novel writing I might do would worth the effort. For me, it's better to come back to the story in another couple of weeks, after I've had a chance to let my mind and body rest. I'll take the time to re-read what I had last written, and get caught up on the story once again since it's not as firmly in my memory as it was when I was writing steadily every week.

Until then, cheers!

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