Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thoughts on the Elefdar Tongue

I'm struggling with the Elefdar language. I have realized that it shows a very heavy influence of Old Norse, which was not intended by me, but I have spent so much time delving into other Norse topics that I suppose it was bound to happen. Problem is, the language doesn't have the sound in had in mind for it, and now I'm seriously thinking of going back and reviewing (and possibly re-doing) the entire lexicon. Many words will likely be fine, especially those that I came up with a year ago or more. But I think most of the more recent ones will need to be redone.

It's not a huge thing, I suppose. I only have a lexicon of a couple thousand words, so it probably wouldn't even take very long to get through. And the grammar and syntax won't change, since I had those designed early on and am still pretty happy with them. Still, it's yet another small project that will add more time to the completion of this novel. The story itself will go on, of course, and I expect to be done ahead of my original estimate (mid-September). But the re-write process will probably take longer than originally planned, which means that in the end, any time I gained in the draft writing will be lost in the revision process.

The ultimate goal is to be ready for publishing by the end of the year, and I think that's still doable, even if the path to get there takes a couple of turns that I hadn't expected. Sounds like a metaphor for life, eh?

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