Friday, March 22, 2013

A Bit More on the Elefdar Language

Also a quick update on the word count: she stands at just over 115,500, most of which was written last weekend. It's been a busy week, with little time for writing except a couple of short evenings.

Now, on to the Elefdar language. In a chapter that is somewhat beyond where we currently are on with the samples, I have some Elefdar monolog that I thought might be of interest. I know it's out of context and may not make a lot of sense, but at least you get a feel for how it might be spoken plainly, rather than song lyrics.

“Hona galad? Hona galad shega im’ drethora, hai das im’ dolorr?”
Who dares? Who dares disturb my rest, and that of my servants?

“Su ben tennel hai shegael im’ drethora. Su ben shogarel im’ dolorner, ben megalel fern con fei drethori. Shi ya su bal? Sano!”
You have come and disturbed my rest. You have upset my slaves, awakened them from their rest. Why are you here? Begone!

“Got des? Hona su, das su shim ment im telen? Hai su nala das cheleb! Hona galad nala cun-tragel Tyrfing an des pass? Sano con im’ yara, hai lama da tragel hot su!”
What is this? Who are you, that you stand before me thus? And you bring that sword! Who dares to bring twice-cursed Tyrfing to this place? Begone from my presence, and take the cursed one with you!


  1. From now on, when the cats come wake me up at 4:00 in the morning I'm going to say, "Shi ya su bal? Sano!" ;-)