Sunday, June 10, 2012

Completed Elefdar Song, First Draft

Keep in mind this is still a first draft of the song. Quite a few words have already changed since I first started working on it, and I would not be at all surprised if I make several more changes before I call it "done". But with that said, this is still the completed first draft. Enjoy!

My lady is fairer than any queen
Imi therdan cele sur den admer

But far from her beauty my feet must roam
Del marcon nei selen im’ boder nus dan

She shelters me now in her train of green
Ne missen cep ima nei sum abell der

And beckons her traveler homeward.
Hai fella nei banyad melarro.

The blooms at her feet are of brilliant hue
Da gonyar nei boder shipella felorn

Adorning the hem of her verdant robe
Samoro da mia nei gerri anomi

They glimmer like stars in the morning dew
Fer celeb lo anyar sum gale menori

Alluring her traveler homeward.
Bedorro nei banya melarro.

She gazes on jewels in the sky above
Ne sudre son felern sum ate yamera

A city of lights on the earth below
Toras aniani son da goron adro

Her pilgrims are grateful and offer love
Nei gorodi belanern porro aldamri

Because she has guided them homeward.
Lofad ne ben thumel melarro.

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