Sunday, November 19, 2017

Chapter Two is Under Way

Haven't made a lot of progress over the last few weeks, but I did lightly edit chapter one as well as start chapter two.

I've got a bunch of ideas for the chapter, and for the characters, rattling around in my head. Just need to get them down on (digital) paper at this point. I really should have done this stuff a couple of weeks ago, but have allowed myself to be distracted by other activities.

In other news, we're painting the upper level and split entry area of the house -- just one of those distracting activities I mentioned. We'll probably take a few photos and post them on Facebook when it's all done.

ETA: Spent some time writing today (Nov 19th, 2017), and pounded out about 1,000 words. Total word count is now 12,946.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

11,857 Words

Yep, back to making a bit of progress on the story. I didn't exactly finish the detailed synopsis I was working on, but I got somewhat further along and had a couple of ideas today that I just had to write down so I wouldn't forget.

After the last three weeks of almost no progress, today felt really good. The lack of progress wasn't entirely my fault: I was on work related travel two weeks in a row, followed by recovering from jet lag and getting caught up on everything I'd let slide at the office while I was away. So all of that left me pretty well brain-fried every evening and weekend up to now.

Anyway, today marks a return to normality. For now anyway.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Back at Work on the Synopsis

As I mentioned previously, I generally write a detailed plot synopsis that acts as my guide to the eventual writing of the story. I was experimenting a bit this time around, and thought, "Hey, I could just write the detailed synopsis for the prologue and first chapter, and then move my focus forward with each chapter that I write, fleshing out the synopsis when I get to that point rather than doing it all beforehand." It sounded good in theory, as my previous experiences have shown that I will end up modifying the final story quite a bit from the original synopsis, such that it almost feels like wasted effort.

In practice, I have already noticed that I get hung up writing when my synopsis doesn't have enough detail for me to remember what it was that I had planned to write.

So, I've gone back to the synopsis to flesh it out for real, all the way to the end of the story. Chapter Two is still waiting to be written, but for the moment I'm focused on answering some questions about characters and plot that I had hoped I might just figure out when the time came. Not a big deal, as this was an experiment to see if it would work. Since it did not, I'm going back to what I know does work and will help me to produce the best story that I can.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Chapter One Complete

Book Two of the Balfrith saga is now at about 8,700 words, which includes the Prologue and Chapter One.

Chapter Two begins today!

Looking back at The Hand of Tyr (Book One), it has sold far more copies than I ever expected. Given the extremely limited marketing I have done, I'd have to say that readers' word of mouth, posted reviews, plus whatever built-in marketing that Amazon and Goodreads do has driven this.

If you have read The Hand of Tyr and enjoyed it, but have not reviewed it on Amazon, I would really appreciate if you take a few minutes to give it some stars and write a couple of sentences about what you liked. Meanwhile, I will continue working on Book Two, so that you can eventually enjoy the next story in Balfrith's saga!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chapter One Has Begun!

Actually I'm on scene four of chapter one, with two more (planned) scenes to go. Though it might need another one or two scenes to finish what I have planned for the chapter. I'm definitely moving faster, more quickly into the conflict, than I did with the Hand of Tyr. Not only is the main conflict presaged in the prologue, but that conflict will touch Balfrith and draw him into it sooner that it did in the first book.

It really is a different story, more adventurous and action packed, than The Hand of Tyr.

Oh yeah, I'm at 6,000 words, too. Moving right along!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Another 1100 Words...

...and the first two scenes of the prologue are complete!

Unfortunately, at only 1200 words a week, it will take me 3 almost years to complete the rough draft--which is completely unacceptable. Guess I'll need to up my game, by a factor of about 3, if I'm going to reach my goal of having the first draft complete in a year.

That's doable.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

1,362 Words

Yes, I've begun writing the story. Working on a prologue with this one, which gives a hint at the conflict to come in the main chapters.

I've mentioned before that I use Scrivener for my writing, which is a great tool to make it easy to organize my book into chapters and scenes. When I write my outline/synopsis, I generally break it down the same way, with chapters and scenes, so that it flows naturally into writing in Scrivener.

For example, the plan (per my outline) for the prologue is to have four scenes. It may be extended to five scenes, depending on how the last scene works out in the writing. This first 1,362 words is for the very first scene of the prologue, and it is almost done. Probably less than 500 words left to complete it.

So... progress!